Use the testimonial shortcode to easily display a testimonial block with author image

I stumbled across OfficialTheme one day when I was looking for a fresh new look for my ecommerce theme. Their themes are released for Free and i immediately just said “why not try” and since them i have became a fan of their work. Some of the new themes are absolutely stunning, with responsive design perfect for mobile and tablet browsing.



[official_testimonial class="class-name" media-id="809" align="right"]Testimonial text [/official_testimonial]




  • id To have multiple Testimonial instances on one page you must use an unique “id” attribute for each shortcode. Default is “official-testimonial”
  • media-id Enter media id (attachment) from the media library in your WordPress admin. Only 1 ID can be entered. Default is none
  • align Align the author block either left or right. Default is “right”