Posts shortocde gives you the possibility to display your WordPress posts based from a category and through the responsive Bootstrap grid.



[official_posts id="official-posts" category="blog" limit="6" orderby="date" order="DESC" columns="3" effect="growIn" author="yes" date="yes" thumbnail="90,90" ]




  • id To have multiple post instances on one page you must use an unique “id” attribute for each post shortcode. Default is “official-gallery”
  • category Either use Category Slug or Category ID to get posts from a certain category.
  • limit Limit number of items in the post shortocde
  • orderby How would you like the post to be ordered, Most commons are:
    • title, name, date, modified, rand, comment_count
  • order Either “ASC” or “DESC” for your oder option chosen above
  • columns How many columns would you like to have. Default is 2. Up to 4 columns available
  • effect The animation effect for each post on page load. Check all options on this link. Default is “flipInX”
  • author Display or not the author. Default is yes
  • date Display or not the date. Default is yes
  • thumbnail Thumbnail size for posts. Options are “full”, “large”, “medium”, “thumbnail” or you may specify your custom size like this thumbnail=”90,45″ where 90 is width and 45 is height



  • Image Caption on gallery view is shown automatically based on media image value for “Title”.