Parallax Backgrounds

Parallax Backgrounds

You may easily make parallax backgrounds to display your content with a cool image effect underneath it.

Your content goes here



[official_parallax id="official-parallax" style="box" id="799" min-height="320"] Your content goes here... [/official_parallax]




  • id To have multiple Parallax instances on one page you must use an unique “id” attribute for each shortcode. Default is “official-parallax”
  • media-id Enter media id (attachment) from the media library in your WordPress admin. Only 1 ID can be entered. Default is none
  • style Leave blank to use default. Use “box” to wrap the content in a white transparent background
  • min-height Min height in pixels for the parallax background. Default is 320



  • It is suggested that you use the page template “Full Width” when you plan to use the parallax shortcode as the experience is more enhanced.
  • You may put other shortocdes inside the parallax shortocde to build your parallax background feature.