With Bootstrap based carousel or image slider you may easily make image slideshows with captions



[official_carousel id="official-carousel" media-id="758,759,760" active="1" indicators="yes" controls="yes" interval="5000"]




  • id To have multiple carousel instances on one page you must use an unique “id” attribute for each shortcode. Default is “official-carousel”
  • media-id Enter each media id (attachment) from the media library in your WordPress admin. Separate each ID with a comma. Default is none
  • active Select which from your items should be marked as active when the carousel starts. Default is 1
  • indicators Small circles shown on the bottom center of the carousel to facilitate scrolling. Default is yes
  • controls Previous and Next images. Default is yes
  • interval Autoplay value in miliseconds. To disable enter “false”. Default is 5000



  • Image Caption is shown automatically based on media image value for “Title” and Description