Below is an example of our portfolio shortcode which uses WordPress posts to display information



[official_portfolio category="portfolio" orderby=" limit='8' columns="4" sort="yes" effect="rotateX" author="yes" date="yes" content="yes" ]




  • category Either use Category Slug or Category ID to get posts from a certain category.
  • limit Limit number of items in the portfolio
  • columns Number of columns for portfolio items. You may have up to 6 columns
  • author Display or not the author. Default is yes
  • date Display or not the date. Default is yes
  • content Display or not the intro content. Default is yes
  • sort Display Asc and Desc button on top right. Default is “yes”
  • effect An animation effect when you filter items. Options are (default is fade):
    • fade, scale, translateX, translateY, translateZ, rotateX, rotateY, rotateZ, stagger